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By Grendel Games


Credited as:

Lead Game Design

Lead Narrative Design


TimeQuest is an augmented reality adventure game that takes the player on a journey through the city of Dokkum.

Premise of the game

TimeQuest is being developed to offer a unique way of discovering the city of Dokkum. During an adventurous journey through a virtual Dokkum where the flow of time has been compromised, players learn about various historical and cultural aspects of the city. Various minigames are available that highlight local stores and sights, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the game and learn all there is to know about the city.

User Interaction

Players use a tablet device or smartphone to navigate the game. The game utilizes location tracking to pinpoint the location of the player in Dokkum and reflect this in the game. By aligning the player’s location in the real world with that in the game world, a state of augmented reality is achieved. The game then takes the player on a journey throughout Dokkum and presents various in-game challenges that players need to overcome. Often completing these challenges presents the player with real-world rewards. Hints for the solutions can be found outside the game as well, to further enhance the augmented aspect.

Visual Design

Dokkum has been redesigned in a colourful and cartoonlike fashion. The in-game buildings match their real-world counterparts, but are sometimes subjected to changes that a player can interact with.